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Your Pop Punk & Metal Songs At Their Best

Mixing tailored to Pop Punk & Metal Music


Don't Let Your Music Get Skipped!

Your songs should sound right at home in a playlist next to your favourite artists,
Get in Touch and let's get your music to not only sound amazing, but to Hit Hard and Leave and Impression!


About Terry Beckley Recording

You need the right mixer for your music!

Nobody should be able to tell whether you have 100 followers or 100,000 from the quality of your music. When your song is played after your favourite artists, nobody should skip it! It should blow your new fans away! It should hit hard when it needs to and keep people listening!

When my band released our first couple of records, I felt that the songs sounded great but there was something missing.

When I listened to the songs that inspired me, there was something about the choruses and breakdowns that just seemed to hit harder. My bands productions were professional and perfect, but they were missing something

After years of studying production and trying to find what it was that my songs were missing, I finally figured it out! It wasn't my songwriting or my arrangement skills, but a lack of a magic touch that only comes from living and breathing pop punk & heavy music. I just needed someone who understood what I was going for with my choruses and breakdowns and someone who could add more to make those parts leave an impression on my listeners.


Now my approach from the recording phase all the way through to mastering is tailored to make your music sound huge and hit hard. I do my best to bring out all the excitement and movement in your songs; to get them loud and in your face. I love All Emo, Pop Punk & Metal from Funeral for a Friend & Goldfinger to Neck Deep & State Champs to August Burns Red & As I Lay Dying to Lorna Shorne to Sueco & MGK! The list goes on! And I can bring that enthusiasm and genre specific experience to the music you make! 


Drop me a message here and let’s talk about your music! 

About TBR

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